Volvo S60: Handsome, Powerful & Safe

Volvo S60 is way more than just stunning good looks; it has a bunch of power under its hood and the masterful handling to match. On top of everything, Volvo S60 has safety features to protect your back in nearly every on-road scenario, which is why it's a top pick in the luxury compact sedan category and one of our favorites here at Deel Volvo Cars.

Lane Keeping Aid

You've heard the expression: "Stay in your own lane." Volvo S60 helps you do so. It has special sensors that detect when you're drifting out of your lane, alerting you with audible warnings and haptic seat vibrations. If you fail to correct your trajectory, Volvo S60 gently steers you back into your lane.


HomeLink is Volvo S60s interface that lets you communicate with safety and comfort features of your home. From inside your Volvo S60, you can raise garage doors, turn on exterior home lights or activate security alarms.

Slip into the driver's seat of the Volvo S60 today to experience its dynamic safety features in real time. Come enjoy a test drive at our Miami dealership.


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