The Volvo S90 Performs

At Deel Volvo Cars, we adore Volvo's S90, and we submit that you should, too! Let's look closer at this Swedish car built for safety and performance.

Under the S90's hood, you will find a direct-injected, turbo, supercharged engine that achieves 316 horsepower. This powerplant gives the S90 more responsiveness than the average automobile on American roads. It also lets you accelerate whenever you need a quick burst of speed to separate yourself from a crowd of other cars.

Inside the Volvo S90, you will enjoy a luxurious cockpit that includes top tools for controlling its forceful engine. To transfer that engine's power to the S90's wheels, you will use Volvo's advanced Geartronic transmission. With eight speeds, this automatic transmission always puts the S90 in the proper gear for the given speed and conditions. Anytime you want to heighten your driving experience, you can manually shift Geartronic without pressing a clutch.



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