The Volvo V90 is an amazon vehicle, and it's more than your standard wagon. Of course, this vehicle comes in a base model as well as a Cross Country model. On top of that, the V90 Cross Country is basically a combination of the sportier R-Design trim and the luxurious Inscription trim.

This wagon possesses sophistication as well as ruggedness. This rugged appearance comes from a higher ground clearance and much more exclusive wheel designs than its standard counterpart. In addition to that, this wagon has front and rear skid plates, and there's charcoal body cladding. The interior has a symmetrical pattern that matches the exterior. Consumers will love the black walnut inlays, bookmatched veneers and split-fold rear seats. There's even a larger loading compartment for convenience. The new Volvo V90 is basically a work-of-art thanks to its fine ingenuity.

Test drives are available for this extraordinary luxury wagon, but you must visit our showroom as soon as possible.



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