Even if you don’t drive fast, the roads aren’t kind to even the best tires. Wear and age eventually catch up with them. While replacing tires becomes unavoidable, there are ways to extend their life. Keeping them correctly inflated helps. So does taking the vehicle in for a routine tire rotation.

Tire rotation refers to the simple process of switching the tires. The back tires go to the front, and the front tires go to the back. Sometimes, the switch is side-to-side. Ultimately, rotating the tires cuts down on the chances of uneven wear, which can cause the tires to lose traction.

Often, drivers will take their cars in for an oil change and also request a tire inspection. That’s a good idea, but if you haven’t had a tire rotation in a long time, going in for one before an oil change is due might be wise.

At Deel Volvo Cars, our service team can help you with tire rotations and any other maintenance request. Come visit us in Miami, FL, and check out our showroom, too.

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