Three Signs That Your Starter Is Failing

When your car won't start, it doesn't necessarily mean that your battery has gone dead. In many instances, failure to start is directly related to the ignition. At Deel Volvo Cars, we want to help Miami drivers learn how to identify problems with their starters. Following are a few easy ways to determine whether or not this important component has reached the end of its lifespan.

Be Wary Of Loud, Grinding Sounds When Turning Your Key

Like many drivers, you've probably turned your key in the ignition after the engine has already been turned on. This simple and incredibly common mistake invariably results in a loud, grinding sound. This is the very same sound that you'll hear when the starter is beginning to fail. It means that the drive gear is no longer able to properly engage.

Engine Oil Leaks

?You also want to be on the lookout for engine oil leaks or any other automotive fluid leaks. The starter is usually positioned right below the engine. As such, it can quickly become soaked in leaking fluids. Once this occurs, its lifespan will be greatly diminished. To access more helpful tips on diagnosing starter issues or to have your vehicle professionally serviced, come see us at Deel Volvo Cars today.


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