Gasoline doesn't magically go from the tank to the engine. It moves mechanically. That is, a part known as the fuel pump sends gas to the engine. If the fuel pump stops working correctly, don't expect the engine to run well. When an engine doesn't start, the fuel pump could be finished. Keep an eye on fuel pump warning signs long before that happens.

The fuel pressure gauge on a vehicle provides insights into potential problems. Rev the engine and see if the pressure levels are appropriate. If not, something may be wrong. The same would be true when the vehicle loses pressure under stress. It might not get enough gas for sufficient power.

Also, be aware of poor gas mileage, overheating, and surging. Such issues might point to a fuel pump problem.

If there's something wrong with your fuel pump, the technicians at Deel Volvo Cars may help. Our location in Miami, FL handles many service requests.

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